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Science of Man 1876 & 1883 - $7.50

Science and Health - 1st Edition (1875) -  $20.00

Science and Health - 2nd Edition (1878) - $10.00

Science and Health - 3rd Edition (1881) - $20.00

Science and Health - 50th Edition (1891) - $20.00

Science and Health Current Edition - $10.00

Christian Science:  Its Clear Correct Teaching and Complete Writings - $35.00

Christian Science:  Its Clear Correct Teaching (Audio Recording that Mr. Eustace himself recorded) - $35.00

Whoso Readeth Let Him Understand - $10.00 (Spiral Bound)

(Whoso Readeth can also be found at WhosoReadeth.com for free)

"The Line of Light", "Why Am I A Christian Scientist" and "Plagiarism" - $7.50

"Your Power & Dominion", "Do You Say There Is No God" and "A Letter" - $7.50

Science Understood Translates Matter (the Beast of Revelation) Into Mind - $7.50 (Spiral Bound)

(Science Understood can also be found at ScienceUnderstood.com for free)

Letters, Excerpts, Statements on Christian Science - $10.00

Metaphysical Statements by Herbert W. Eustace - $10.00

Proceedings in Equity 1919 - 1921 (The Great Litigation in pdf format on flash drive) - $20.00

Footsteps Of His Flock series from 1914 to 1921-2.  - $20.00 for each individual year. Whole series - $60.00 on flash drive.

The King James Bible

Science and Health With Key To The Scriptures

Christian Science: It's Clear Correct Teaching & Complete Writings


Welcome to the Christian Science Book Store.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, wrote “Science and Health with Key To The Scriptures”, the Christian Science textbook.  She was a Mother and Leader of the Christian Science movement.   She taught the art of healing through her books.  She opened up the words of "Revelation" in the Bible showing the positive as well as the negative of Metaphysical Science, "what it is and what it is not."

Mr. Eustace wrote “Christian Science: ‘Its Clear Correct Teaching’ and Complete Writings”, the Successor to “Science and Health.”

Class taught by Edward A. Kimball, Herbert Eustace was a trustee of the Christian Publishing Society during the years 1912 through January, 1922. As a trustee, he was at the head of the Christian Science Monitors, Christian Science Sentinels and Christian Science Journals where he, and the other trustees, were responsible for spreading the teachings of Christian Science to the world.

For more information on Herbert Eustace, visit HerbertWEustace.com or ClearCorrectTeaching.com. Various papers/letters/articles written by Herbert Eustace can be found on these sites. 

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